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     Breaking news—you’re probably shampooing your hair wrong. You might think that’s crazy. You’ve been shampooing and conditioning your hair since before you can remember—how could you be doing it wrong?!   Well, many hair care professionals agree that most people wash their hair badly. And this can really affect the health of your hair, […]

beach waves

  Soft, tousled, beachy waves will never go out of style. The perfectly undone hair that looks like you spent the day surfing on the Cali coast will always be the it-girl hair of choice. Luckily, whether you have short hair, long hair, straight hair, or curly hair, you can easily achieve these beach waves without […]

underlights hair trend-rainbow hair (1)

Underlights FAQ – Everything You Need to Know Underlights are the new trend taking the hair world by storm. For a while now, crazy hair colors have been all the rage. Pastels, “Oil Slick” hair, and rich, vibrant jewel tones have been spotted everywhere from the catwalk to college classrooms. But what about the rest […]

How To Master a Blow Out At Home

Getting the perfect blowout at home can be tricky. But when you finally master the technique, all your friends will be asking you how you get such shiny, bouncy hair! Here are some our our tips to master a blowout at home! #1. Start With Protectant! This step is crucial! It affects the health of […]


A lot of our clients come in and tell us that they struggle when it comes to curling their hair at home. They love their cut and style when they leave the salon, but have difficulty recreating the same look at home, day after day.   Listen ladies, we hear you! It’s tough to curl […]

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