The Right Way to Wash Your Hair To Maintain Color

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     Breaking news—you’re probably shampooing your hair wrong. You might think that’s crazy. You’ve been shampooing and conditioning your hair since before you can remember—how could you be doing it wrong?!   Well, many hair care professionals agree that most people wash their hair badly. And this can really affect the health of your hair, […]

Underlights Hair Trend—The Secret Rainbow Hair

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Underlights FAQ – Everything You Need to Know Underlights are the new trend taking the hair world by storm. For a while now, crazy hair colors have been all the rage. Pastels, “Oil Slick” hair, and rich, vibrant jewel tones have been spotted everywhere from the catwalk to college classrooms. But what about the rest […]

The Wob: The Wavy Bob Taking Over the World

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          The wob is the weirdest sounding haircut…probably ever.   But it’s pretty much the hottest trend in Tinseltown right now, and for good reason. Celebs like Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence, and T Swift have all been spotted with this fresh cut (which gets it’s name from the combination of wavy and […]