Underlights Hair Trend—The Secret Rainbow Hair


Underlights Hair Trend—The Secret Rainbow Hair

Underlights FAQ – Everything You Need to Know

Underlights are the new trend taking the hair world by storm. For a while now, crazy hair colors have been all the rage. Pastels, “Oil Slick” hair, and rich, vibrant jewel tones have been spotted everywhere from the catwalk to college classrooms. But what about the rest of society, those of us who can’t have crazy hair colors at their 9-5 office job? That’s where underlights come in.


What Are Underlights?

Underlights are rainbow highlights placed under a layer of your normal hair color. That way, the bright color isn’t visible when you’re at work or simply when you don’t want to look like a My Little Pony. Basically, it’s the perfect look for the girl with an office job who still has a wild side.

How Do You Get Underlights?

Though they look tricky, underlights are actually pretty simple. Your hairdresser will pin the top few layers of your hair, then bleach and dye a layer underneath. The tricky part is the cut afterwards that either totally hides the color (like a blunt bob) or lets some of the layers peek through.


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Who Should Get Underlights?

If you aren’t a model or a college student, chances are you can’t sport bright blue hair at your job (life is so unfair!). If this is true for you, then this trend is for you. That way, you can have the best of both worlds.

Why Is This Trend So Awesome?!

Well, first of all, you get to have unicorn hair but still look office-appropriate when you want. And unlike most crazy colors, maintenance is basically non-existent. There are no roots to deal with because it’s all hidden under the top layer of hair. And they look amazing in a braid or a 90’s half bun.


So that’s all you need to know about the newest, coolest trend in hair color. Underlights are all the rage, and are actually a feasible option for most of us.


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