How To Master a Blow Out At Home

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How To Master a Blow Out At Home

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Getting the perfect blowout at home can be tricky. But when you finally master the technique, all your friends will be asking you how you get such shiny, bouncy hair! Here are some our our tips to master a blowout at home!

#1. Start With Protectant!

This step is crucial! It affects the health of your hair, which directly relates to how shiny and bouncy it is! Damaged hair looks damaged. So keep your hair healthy with a good quality protectant that shields your hair from heat damage.  We have lots of different ones at the salon that you can take home after your appointment! We love the Oligo 18 in 1 Hair Beautifier or the Joico Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Creme. Ask your stylist what the perfect product for your hair and style is.

#2. Rough Dry

First, you have to rough dry your hair really well. Don’t take the time to separate your hair yet, simply run your fingers through your locks and get most of the moisture out. Your hair should be 90 to 95% dry before you really start styling. And don’t forget to focus on your roots

#3. Section It Out

Ok, here’s where the fun begins!


Section your hair out. How you section it depends on your hair length and thickness. You can simply pin up the top, or divide your hair into more manageable portions.


#4. Technique

This is probably the toughest part. Starting at the back of your head, wrap your hair around your brush as tightly as you can (without getting it tangled and stuck!). Blow drying in a downward motion, run your diffuser along your brush as you brush down. The diffuser should always be pointed down.


Do this, and you’ll have a perfectly frizz-free, sleek style!


#5. Volumize

To get that big bouncy hair you want, you should pull your hair up as you blowdry. Make gravity work for you, not against you!!


#6. Add The Finishing Touches

To finish it off, use the cool setting to set your style and add in any pro

Ducts you want. Hairspray, texturizer or shine spray are all ways to finish out your style.


Remember, Practice Makes Perfect

A perfect blowout is the best way to get shiny, bouncy hair that everyone will be jealous of. Practice a few times and you’re sure to be able to master the perfect blowout technique at home!


Any questions? Give us a call or message us any time.