Rose Gold: The Prettiest Hair For 2017

Rose Gold: The Prettiest Hair For 2017

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Rose gold is everywhere—iPhones, jewelry, and now, hair! Especially for spring and summer hair color trends, rose gold is the newest take on the crazy colored   hair trend that took 2016 by storm. Here’s what you need to know about the prettiest trend in hair colors right now:


50 Shades of Rose Gold

So you may be thinking, what exactly is rose gold hair? Rose gold hair is a beautiful blushed-copper tone with gold and pinky streaks. You can opt for a pinker version if you want to make more of a statement, or simply play up your blonde (natural or not) with the blush hues.
pink hair

If you’re already blonde, rose-gold highlights are an amazing way to add dimension. If you’re more of a risk-taker, a two-tone gradient will look amazing.


The best thing about rose gold? It instantly brightens up your face, making your face look fresher and more vibrant!


High Maintenance, High Reward

Rose Gold Hair

Like most pastel or blonde hair colors, rose gold hair requires quite a bit of maintenance. If you’re already blonde, it’s not going to take as long in the hair salon or require as much intensive repair, but if you have brunette or black hair, prepare for some damage.


Either way, you should only wash your hair about twice a week (use a dry shampoo to extend your style) and use a color-safe shampoo with cold water to wash your locks.


Because the color is so light and delicate, you’ll probably need to get it touched up once a month. But, it’s a small price to pay to have the prettiest hair trend we’ve seen in a while, right?

Don’t Try This At Home, Kids

pastel hair trend

Don’t believe the bloggers that will tell you how easy it is to get a beautiful, natural looking rose-gold blush in your hair at home. The truth is, if you aren’t a pro at at-home dying with funky colors, this is not a DIY project you should attempt.


Especially if you’re lightening your hair from a brunette, you should book an appointment because it’s important to get it light enough for the rose gold to show up. If you try it at home, more likely than not you’ll end up with fried, frazzled hair and a dye-job that looks more orange than rose-gold. Don’t risk it, and call to book an appointment at The Hair Studio today!