Balayage Versus Ombré | What’s The Difference?

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Balayage Versus Ombré | What’s The Difference?

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For the past few years, buzzwords like Ombré and Balayage have been used to describe everything for the hottest celeb styles to your cousin’s new hair-do.

But what do these words really mean? They’re not the same thing, though they are similar. Read on to find out exactly what Ombré and Balayage are, and which one is perfect for you.


Balayage 101

What The Heck Is Balayage?

Balayage is a French word, and it means to sweep or to paint.

Compared to Ombré, it looks much more natural and sun-kissed. There should be a smooth transition from darker roots to lighter ends, but some ends are left dark.

Your hairdresser won’t use foils to create the highlights. Instead, they’re painted on—hence the name.

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Why is Balayage so Brilliant?

Balayage has become so popular with celebs and us regular folk alike because it’s totally personalized to you! It’s a freehand technique, so your stylist will work with your hair length, type, and color to create the Balayage that will look best for you.

And maybe the best part of Balayage is that it requires basically no maintenance, outside of typical care for color-treated hair. Because no foils are used, the color grows out in a way that looks natural and is less noticeable. So your hair will look great whether it’s a day after the salon, or a month after your appointment.


Who Should Get Balayage?

If you are looking for a natural looking, low-maintenance way to create some subtle contrast, then Balayage is for you. It works on pretty much any length or color of hair, and your hairdresser at The Hair Studio will customize it just for you!


Intro To Ombré


What In The World Is Ombré?

Ombré is similar to Balayage but has more of an intense contrast. An Ombré will give you darker roots and light ends, with a smooth transition in between.

Unlike Balayage, none of the ends will stay light. It’s less of a natural look, and more of a statement.

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Is Ombré Right For You?

If you are more daring with your appearance, then you and Ombré might be a match made in hair heaven.

Ombre is definitely more noticeable then Balayage but also requires a bit more maintenance. It’s not a lot of upkeep, but you’ll still have to stop in to your salon a few times a year to either touch up your roots or the ends. If this small amount of maintenance doesn’t bother you and you want your hair to be more striking than subtle, Ombré is the choice for you.


Sun-Kissed Hair or Statement Locks?

Whether you want a subtle Balayage or a statement-making Ombré, call The Hair Studio today to make an appointment with one of our talented hairdressers. Whatever you decide on, The Hair Studio will make your hair the talk of the town.