The Wob: The Wavy Bob Taking Over the World

The Wob: The Wavy Bob Taking Over the World

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The wob is the weirdest sounding haircut…probably ever.


But it’s pretty much the hottest trend in Tinseltown right now, and for good reason. Celebs like Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence, and T Swift have all been spotted with this fresh cut (which gets it’s name from the combination of wavy and bob/lob)


Want to get the look for yourself? You’re in luck, because we’ll give you the secret to the hottest look of the moment right here:


The Wob

First Things First: The Cut

The haircut you need as a basis for your wob is pretty much your basic bob or lob (long bob) but cut specifically for you to style it with wavy, voluminous hair.


In the Salon

Ask your stylist to give you a lob between the chin and shoulders (if it goes past the shoulders, it’ll flip out at the end) with lots of volume. If you have thin hair, ask for layers that will create this volume, and if you have thick hair, get it texturized.


Depending on the length and how fast your hair grows, you’ll probably need to get it trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks.


Fake It Till You Make It: Getting the Wob With Straight Hair


If you have straight hair, you’re going to want to create lots of volume and texture to pull off the wob. Luckily, we can get around nature to give you the sexy, messy texture you need to create a gorgeous wob.


You’ll need to start in the shower with a volumizing shampoo and (a little bit of) conditioner. A texturizing wax or mousse will help as well, but make sure it’s lightweight so that your new-found waves aren’t held down by all that product.


Next, you’ll need to grab a curling iron or straightening iron that you can create random, messy waves with. When you curl your hair, curl each strand in alternating directions to give it the perfectly undone look. Loosely wrap your hair around the barrel of a curling wand a few times, but keep the ends out so that it still looks effortless.


For Wavy Hair

If you have wavy hair, then styling your wob will be a breeze! Simply put some curl mousse in, scrunch your hair with some paper towels, and then touch it up with a curling wand! Lucky you.


Style It

The wob is awesome because it’s low-maintenance, sophisticated, but still sexy! If you’ve been thinking about chopping your hair, this is the way to test it out because it can quickly grow out if you don’t like it. And it’s versatile too! It’s long enough to pull back into a small pony tail or a trendy half-up top knot for your spin workout.


The wob is the perfect look for the summer because it keeps your neck cool, and looks perfectly chic with a statement necklace or strapless dress. So if you’re ready for a change, contact the Hair Studio at 508-234-7113 or to book an appointment today!!

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